Constant dynamics, dedication to details, special design, individual approach, the most wonderful types of flowers, beautiful locations, and YOU make a perfect closed circle of our favorite segment of creation - WEDDINGS. We attribute our success so far, the definition of which for us is your satisfaction, to careful listening and participation in the development of your visions and ideas.

In the vast majority of cases, our newlyweds are people who greatly appreciate floral design, especially the different and more creative ones. A sentence we hear very often - "Make it your way, we trust you." " brings us back to the first part of this text. To listen to you. Because we tailor each creation exclusively to you, your energy, your characteristics. This, we believe, is where the source of trust lay.

At the very beginning, we create a visual presentation of the ideas, so that we can be sure that we are going in the right direction. We are with you throughout the entire planning period, we try to be useful in whatever segments we can and make the most demanding part of wedding organization easier for you.

The process of decorating your wedding takes several days. It starts with the careful selection of the best flowers, ordering them, receiving and preparing them, to ensure that they are in a perfect condition on your wedding day. In the summer months, this requires a lot of knowledge and skills. All the assortment that we use with flowers needs to be prepared, we have to make sure that it is impeccably clean and bright. The day before your wedding or on the wedding day itself, the floral creation begins. We invest all the necessary time, effort, love and knowledge into it. This is followed by transport to the venue of the celebration. A topic that is always looking for new ways and skills. After setting up all the segments, our work is still not finished. After the ceremony, we come to collect the remaining flowers and all the material that needs to be prepared for some new celebrations.

All this and much more awaits us in our joint adventure if you decide for our floral design. We can't wait !