FIOR is a collective of young and enthusiastic people who believe that flowers can awaken and convey the most beautiful emotions in us.

The head of the team is Jelena Petričević, the founder of FIOR.

For many years, she has been expressing her creativity through floral design, trying to always be special, different, recognizable. She considers the primary task in creation to be the transmission of good energy and emotions through her work. She believes that flowers can turn even the most mediocre spaces into a place where we feel god staying in. She places great emphasis on sustainable floriculture and support for domestic flower producers.

In addition to the creativity and passion for floral design that she carries within herself, she also supported her talent with knowledge.

Jelena holds the title of florist arranger, as well as numerous educations that have brought her work to a high level. We highlight the certified masterclass with the best London florist, Phillipa Craddock, who creates miracles in a sustainable way, which is best shown by Harry & Meghan's royal wedding, which was completely made in this way. Through working with her, Jelena learned all the necessary techniques and skills for implementing work without the use of harmful substances in floriculture. Another commendable masterclass is that of the Russian flower wizards - Lacy Bird Academy. A special design in which textures and colors are perfectly combined in such a way that the flowers tell exactly the story that we convey to the person we give the flowers to.

The most important thing to know is that she loves her job the most in the world and there is no other job she would rather do.

With her, her family, friends, and business partners who are her huge support, you will surely be delighted with the product of their hard work.